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Welcome to Wood Monsters technical support. Our goal is to provide you with as many free resources as possible to help your installation process be a success, to help you learn more about hardwood flooring in general and or to assist you in furthering your hardwood flooring education if you're a hardwood flooring professional. Below you will find several links and resources from sound and trusted folks in the hardwood flooring industry.


National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) forest

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is considered to be the authority when it comes to wood floor installations. Wood Monsters staff and authorized resellers emphasize information found in the National Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines when it comes to your hardwood floor installation. We refer to their guidelines often and we encourage you to do the same.

You can reach the NWFA at:

1-800-422-4556 (USA)
1-800-848-8824 (Canada)
1-636-519-9663 (International)
1-636-519-9664 (Fax)


NWFA Technical Resources 

Page link for the Installation Guidelines, Sand and Finish Guidelines, Technical Manual Chapters and Technical Reference Manuals. Their toll free technical hotline is available for members only.


NWFA Schooling and Education 

The NWFA provides seminars, classes and professional technical schools for hardwood flooring professionals to stay current with installation methods and wood flooring technology.


NWFA Training Schedule 

Listings of classes, seminars and more along with dates and times.



Pneumatic nailer and floor cleat manufacturer. If you need help with your pneumatic nailer (Powernail brand nailers and staple guns) or cleat products, these are the folks to call. You can also browse their Pneumatic nailer products and learn which pneumatic nailer and cleat you should use for the thickness of the hardwood floor planks you're working with.

800-323-1653 or 847-634-3000
7am-4:30pm CST


Powernail Technical Help 

Powernail provides a ready made technical resource page for DIY troubleshooting of their pneumatic nailers and toll free numbers. They recommend using any of the sources listed, to contact a local Powernail dealer or call their toll free number for assistance with your pneumatic nailer.

800-323-1653 or 847-634-3000
7am-4:30pm CST


Wood Floor Schooling School photo

More hardwood flooring schooling you can participate in. You can learn custom layouts, how to bend wood and brass and create medallions within a wood floor.

(No verifiable phone number available on their site.)


Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner 

Bona is the authority on hardwood flooring cleaner. Wood Monsters recommends using Bona products on hardwood flooring products purchased from an authorized Wood Monsters reseller. They provide natural, non-toxic cleaners which are both safer for your family and easier on the environment. Bona focuses solely on cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring and are a trusted name when it comes to providing safe and reliable products. If you cannot find Bona products near you or you need hardwood floor cleaner NOW, any generic hardwood flooring product you find at your local home improvement store will work.

7am-5pm MST


Find a NWFA member Professional Hardwood Flooring Installer

Your hardwood flooring installer does not have to be a member of NWFA in order to follow the NWFA Installation Guidelines. However, if you specifically want a professional hardwood flooring installer that is also a member of the NWFA, then this link will help you on your search.


Find a NWFA member Certified Flooring Inspector

If you run into the need to use a professional hardwood flooring inspector, the NWFA keeps a listing of member certified inspectors you can contact for assistance.


Interior Design Help Interior Design

The American Society of Interior Designers may be able to provide you with helpful interior design assistance.

202-546-3480 phone
202-546-3240 fax
9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday


Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) is the authority on providing hardwood flooring specifically geared towards sports use, including basketball courts, bowling lanes and more.

888-480-9138 phone
847-480-9282 fax


Canadian Wood Council

For our friends and neighbors up North, the Canadian Wood Council provides a variety of resources to help you with discovering design options, technical publications, access to the Wood Design & Building Magazine and a set of electronic tools including software used in wood design and various online calculators.


Wood Floor Covering Association

The Wood Floor Covering Association (WFCA) is an unbiased website that covers topics related to all flooring types. They provide tools to help you with design, flooring scenes and other nifty things to browse.

800-624-6880 phone
714-978-6440 fax


American Hardwood Information Center

This site talks about everything from designing tips to technical know how from flooring experts. Their site offers specific content geared towards admirers and enthusiasts and other content geared towards designers, specifiers and other professionals.

412-244-0440 phone


Health House provided by the American Lung Association      home

This site provides more information on maintaining healthy indoor air quality, healthy home maintenance, information on Radon and more.

800-788-5864 phone
217-787-5864 local phone
217-787-5916 fax


International Standards and Training Alliance

The NWFA is working with the Carpenters International Training Alliance to provide curriculum, training and joint certifications when it comes to upholding the standards in hardwood flooring installation. This alliance has several different contact numbers for both their headquarters and contact numbers broken down by geographical region. Check their site to learn which contact number might be best for you to use.


National Hardwood Lumber Association

The National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) is a non-profit organization with a conglomerate of members dedicated to understanding, using and reusing hardwood resources. They provide training and schooling for inspectors and continuing education for professionals in the hardwood industry.

901-377-1818 phone


Western Hardwood Association

Western Hardwood Association specializes in education on hardwoods that grow specifically in the west while working together with those in a broad spectrum of the hardwood industry to promote environmentally responsible management of the wood.

360-385-1600 phone
360-835-1900 fax  


International Wood Products Association

The IWPA focuses on working with importers, offshore manufacturers and those that have direct relations with these places to facilitate legal, profitable and responsible forestry practices world wide. Their site contains information on topics including hardwood and softwood publications, marine cargo insurances and working with the government to pass legislation that helps to protect both the forests and the workers that work in the hardwood flooring industry.

703-820-6696 phone
703-820-8550 fax


The Wood Handbook by the US Department of Agriculture

A publication put out by the US Department of Agriculture that covers a variety of topics. Topics include how wood is used in various industries, sustainable forestry practices, commercial uses, fasteners, adhesives, composite materials, wood preservation tactics, treatments, sterilizations and more.  


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