Problems: Hardwood Flooring Color Variations

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It should be known that hardwood floors will change color naturally over time. Most species will darken with time into richer shade variations than those the wood had when you purchased and installed it. Some species will lighten over time. Each box of hardwood flooring contains planks that will be varied in shading, tree markings and grain patterns. These attributes are normal and should not be cause for concern.

Actual problems with hardwood flooring color variations include fade markings where furniture has been or faded areas of the floor where direct sunlight is a constant. To avoid these, move furniture around on a regular basis, rotating your arrangement, every six to twelve months. Consider changing up your routine of how you use your windows. If you use one specific window for the majority of light for a room, consider placing an area rug where the sunlight is consistently shining on the floor. Over time, these natural fade marks will eventually go away.

In some extreme cases, your floor may need to be lightly sanded and recoated or stained to restore these spots to their original glory. After this has been done, be sure to rotate your furniture regularly or place small area rugs where the sun shines the most. You could even hang light opaque curtains in windows where blinds or curtains must remain open in an effort to help filter some of the sunlight while still allowing the room to remain bright.