Hardwood Floor Molding Types


The National Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines provide information about the various types of moldings and trims available for your new hardwood floor. Page 31 of this manual offers pictures with a description of each. You can find a copy of the guidelines here.

All hardwood floors need space to expand and contract with normal humidity and temperature changes that come with the changing seasons. Moldings are used to cover up the small spaces that will be left around the edges of the room to allow for this normal movement of a hardwood floor. Different designs present different looks. Your authorized Wood Monsters reseller has the ability to order you trims that match the species, stains and texture of your new hardwood floors.

Moldings can be tall, short, flat, round or a combination of any of these characteristics. Moldings come in different thicknesses. Each molding type serves a different type of purpose. There are moldings to accentuate the edges of a room and there are moldings that are meant to help transition the hardwood floor smoothly into an adjoining room with another flooring type such as carpet. Moldings also exist for stair edges and other needs you may have.