Hardwood Floor Designs and Styles

stone pattern

Hardwood floor designs do not just have to be plain planks laid down in a row next to each other. Most hardwood floors are, but it is not required. Sometimes you may want something “extra” to go into the design of your floor depending on the use of the room and your preferences.

Sometimes, you may want alternating pattern variations or repeating shapes along an edge of room. This is called “parquet” and the term is loosely used to identify patterns that repeat or have specific geometric shapes that line up with regular planks. Repeating patterns can be used to border a room, can be the “centerpiece” of a room or be used throughout the whole floor to really speak to your tastes and desires.

Other times, you may want to have really unique designs on top of a repeating pattern. This can be in the form of a logo, shape, symbol, namesake, family crest or just curved and circular shaped pieces like those found in medallions. A professional hardwood flooring installer that has particular experience in dealing with specialty design installations should be used for the best result.

Finally, some folks just want to use the really narrow strips of hardwood flooring for the entire floor. Hardwood flooring strips are planks that are less than four inches in width. Regular hardwood flooring planks range between four inches and eight inches depending on the species, type and design.

You have the freedom to decide what type of specialty hardwood floor designs and styles you want, if any at all. Your new hardwood floor can look just as beautiful and promote the environment you seek without necessarily the use of specialty designs and styles.