Furniture and Hardwood Flooring

hardwood floor chair

Now that you have hardwood flooring, you want to be especially mindful of how the furniture you use on a regular basis will affect your floor.

  • Stools, wooden chairs or anything else with small round ends for support now have the ability to dent or scratch the floor where before they did not. For example, you’ll want to avoid dragging these pieces of furniture over the floor as you may have done in the past. This is especially true of furniture that has hard buttons on the bottoms of the legs.
  • Chairs that have wheels in them, although will slide easier; can damage the finish of a floor quickly if used on a daily basis.
  • Avoid rolling any piece of furniture that that may have debris stuck to a wheel. Pay particular attention to rolling TV stands and refrigerator balancing pegs.
  • Lift furniture completely when you move it to protect the floor.
  • Place felt pads or furniture pads underneath all furniture legs that do not have wheels to increase protection. Some stores now sell entire furniture pad protection packages that come with various shapes and sizes of felt pieces to attach to different pieces of furniture.
  • Alternately you can use mid to higher quality carpet scraps under furniture legs for things like beds, cribs, the refrigerator and other heavy items. Just be sure to clean the carpeting by shaking it out and vacuuming the pieces before you cut them up. Place the pieces fuzzy side down.